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Jun 24, 2013

This week we’re welcoming Molly Danger writer/artist Jamal Igle to the show! We’ll discuss the exact number of M’s on Molly’s costume, Supergirl’s shorts and how emotional people got about them, character design, why it’s not worth it to pretend you’ve read something you haven’t, and much more! Plus,...

Jun 17, 2013

Chris and Matt are back in their respective homes — Matt’s got the brand new War Rocket Ajax studios humming along — and ready to gab about three weeks worth of collected stuff! We’re taking your listener questions about the state of DC Comics, our favorite wrestlers, Flash Gordon, Heroes Con, and much more!

Jun 10, 2013

This weekend, Chris and Matt were at Heroes Con 2013, where they decided to do what they called an audio sketchbook. They asked 18 comics creators the same question: What have you seen or heard at a comics convention that left you speechless?

These are their answers.