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Dec 29, 2014

We're here with a special New Year's episode for you! Start playing the show at 11:15 on December 31, and we'll count down to midnight with you!

Dec 22, 2014

This Christmas, we all got together and recorded a commentary track for Die Hard. Best to you and yours.

Dec 15, 2014

Brian Clevinger, Atomic Robo co-creator and co-writer of the brand new webcomic project The Bureau of Infernal Affairs, returns to War Rocket Ajax this week! We talk to him about Kickstarter, the worst movies of the 1980s, investigative teams that have one man and one woman, working with Erica Henderson, and, of...

Dec 8, 2014

This week, we welcome the writer/artist of Sorcery 101 and Misfits of Avalon, Kel McDonald! We talk to her at length about urban sorcery television, particularly Sleepy Hollow, her positively massive new Sorcery 101 omnibus, Gambit, our yogurt-eating session at San Diego Comic-Con and much more! Plus, three more Every...

Nov 24, 2014

We’re thankful to have James Asmus, writer of Quantum and Woody and co-writer of the new miniseries The Delinquents, as our guest this week! We talk with him about dirty plays, Gambit, hobos, comedy, collaborating with Fred Van Lente, and so much more! Plus, more Every Story Ever entries!