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May 28, 2015

It's time once again to add more entries to our huge list of comic stories, ranked from best to worst!

May 25, 2015

Jeremy Whitley, the writer of Princeless, sits down with us this week to talk about The Pirate Princess, The Action Pack block of shows, The Flash,  fictional swords, creating characters, and much, much more! Plus, we answer a pair of listener questions!

May 18, 2015

Our list of comic book quotes is growing by leaps and bounds this week, as we're plowing through user-submitted Word Heavyweight Champion lists!

May 11, 2015

The cartoonist behind Dumbing of Age and Shortpacked, David Willis, joins us this week! We talk about his home-school upbringing and how it influenced his comics, evolution as a creator and a person, Transformers, the transforming noise, and much more! Plus, a listener request for comics recommendations!

May 4, 2015

The writer of a good many My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls comics, Ted Anderson, is here to answer our many, many questions about the strange world of girls who used to be ponies (Or have pony counterparts? Not entirely sure). We talk with him about an all-wrestling issue he wrote, the pony...