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Nov 28, 2016

November's almost over, so we're back ranking stories for our ever-growing list of comics yarns!

Nov 28, 2016

We more or less took the week off for Thanksgiving, but we couldn't just leave you hanging, so here's a bite-sized episode with some thanks, some announcements and some possible plans for 2017!

Nov 21, 2016

The writer of the Inspector Pancakes series, Dreadful Sirens and the upcoming Project Tingler, Karla Pacheco, joins us once again! We talk with her at length about boat living, tragic phone loss, cross-country adventures, working with the enigmatic Chuck Tingle, irony, hotel fires, Joey Ryan, and eventually, her...

Nov 14, 2016

We thought about renaming our character-ranking segment after the events of last week, but, well, we're not the ones who suck, so we're back this week with a Panel President special! We get through a whole big list of Green Lanterns, take aim at some retcon characters and determine whether some characters really...

Nov 7, 2016

After a long absence from the show, Edison Rex writer Chris Roberson makes his triumphant return to War Rocket Ajax to talk with us about moving Edison Rex to webcomics, coming on to co-write Hellboy, working with dream artists, his new novel Firewalk, Superman S-shields, the iZombie TV show and so much more! Plus,...