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Aug 28, 2017

Chris and Matt are back at it again this week, ranking characters submitted by listeners for the Panel President list! And we're going edit-free this week, so things are looser than they even normally are!

Aug 25, 2017

Just before Matt heads off on vacation, we're ranking as many comic book stories as we can manage!

Aug 21, 2017

This week our guest is Katie Skelly, creator of My Pretty Vampire, Operation Margarine, Agent 9 and much more! We chat about movies from the 1970s, vampire fiction tropes, coloring and design, high culture vs. low, other types of undead creature, Abba, and much more! Plus, we add five ninjas to the Panel President list!

Aug 14, 2017

We're happy to welcome Jeremy Whitley, writer of Princeless and The Unstoppable Wasp, back to the show this week! We talk with him about Princeless being in development for a movie at Sony, working at Blockbuster, movie recommendations, spotlighting real-life scientists, the best of the five deadly venoms, dealing...

Aug 7, 2017

Friend of the show Kelly Thompson drops by this week to talk about her new Ghostbusters: Answer the Call comic series, but before we get to that, we've got to gush about the Thor: Ragnarok trailer. On top of that, we discuss getting down character voices, Hawkeye, pitching, writing test scripts, being married to ideas,...