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Jul 31, 2019

We're in the depths of summer, and we're ranking stories, baby!

Jul 29, 2019

We're wrapping up July by answering some of your listener questions about scintillating topics including more superhero menu comparisons, D-list Marvel heroes who will become popular, Jason Statham, Alan Moore's retirement, and more!

Jul 24, 2019

The winner of this month's Comics Catch-Up poll was the purported last-ever Mike Mignola Hellboy story, and despite some of the details not being entirely clear to one host, who might be a dumb guy, we loved it!

Jul 22, 2019

In addition to ranking characters on this week's episode, we also figure out which members of the Justice League correspond with McDonald's menu items! We're doin' it all!

Jul 15, 2019

Avengers, Skullkickers and Champions writer Jim Zub drops by this week to talk about the new Dungeons and Dragons Young Adventurer's Guide series of books! He talks about the creation of the series, bringing D&D to a young audience, how much the game has changed over the years, why it's more popular than ever, and a...