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Dec 30, 2020

Happy new year, everybody! We hope you enjoy us ranking these stories to wrap up 2020.

Dec 21, 2020

It's Christmas, Matt Fraction is here, and yes, we've got John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats, too. The four of us are drafting our top Christmas song picks, fantasy baseball-style, to create the ultimate mix. It's surprisingly tense, and there are some very unexpected picks!

For the playlists, check out the War Rocket...

Dec 14, 2020

The co-writer of the new MODOK Head Games comic series, as well as the showrunner of the new MODOK animated show on Hulu, joins us this week to talk about supervillain corporate governance, Mark Gruenwald, Monica Rappaccini, the best acronyms, what we'd be designed only to do, and much more! Plus, Matt and Chris take...

Dec 9, 2020

By your request, we caught up on three holiday comics this month: Two Klaus one-shots and a Hanukkah story from the 2017 DC Holiday Special!

Dec 7, 2020

The writer of the new Aftershock Comics series Knock 'em Dead joins us this week to talk about the world of stand-up, how horror and comedy are the same, not writing the jokes, writing the jokes, Halloween vs. horror and much more! Plus, Matt and Chris take a musical This or That!