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Apr 29, 2021

We take on some highs and lows as we rank comic book stories submitted by our listeners once again this month!

Dec 7, 2020

The writer of the new Aftershock Comics series Knock 'em Dead joins us this week to talk about the world of stand-up, how horror and comedy are the same, not writing the jokes, writing the jokes, Halloween vs. horror and much more! Plus, Matt and Chris take a musical This or That!

Nov 18, 2020

This month we dive into the Marvel revival of Conan with the Jason Aaron/Mahmud Asrar take on the classic Barbarian, spanning a lifetime!

Jul 30, 2020

Gather round as we rank a grip of Peanuts strips, Giant-Size X-Men #1, the most infamous Penny Arcade comic, some DC humor comics from the 90s, and much more!

Oct 28, 2019

Our traditional Halloween guest, Benito Cereno, returns once again! This year, we're talking about various cryptids and local legends to get us into the spooky spirit of the holiday!